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HypeIndex June 2022 performance results - with an average of over 5% ROI!

HypeIndex is proud to share its results for June 2022! It’s been a wild month but our users have been in excellent hands, averaging more than 5% raw ROI. Over the same period, the S&P 500 declined by 8.3%, meaning HypeIndex’s users beat the market by a significant margin. Over the course of June, we analyzed 15 assets, of those, 12 rose in value, meaning HypeIndex boasted a success rate of 80%. If you took every Hype Asset trade, you would’ve ended the month with a 77% raw gain.

In order to determine which stocks are likely to rise in value, HypeIndex uses advanced machine learning algorithms to quantify buyer sentiment into a hype score and compare it against the asset’s prior scores. This enables us to produce extremely accurate predictions that are largely unaffected by changes in the market. While these predictions can be massively valuable, it’s important to be aware that as they’re based primarily on sentiment, they’re only valid for the short-term and should not be used in place of fundamental or technical analysis for longer-term investments.

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