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Roblox, Nvidia and OpenDoor are HypeIndex top picks of the week
HypeIndex Assets of the week

Congrats to HypeIndex traders who rode the Hype on our signals.

So what happened in this companies that increased their Hype significantly,

Nvidia -

  • beautiful increase in price after great earning reports in Q3

  • The demand for Nvidia AI is surging with onboarding new 25,000 companies.

  • The revile of Omniverse, Nvidia Avatar software for creating 3D digital worlds. This world of Metaverse became to be the most Hyped Niche recently with companies like Roblox, facebook, and Unity that are competing on this new industry.

Roblox -

  • Major increase in Q3 reports with more then double compare to last year.

  • Strong cash flow increase by their game engine operator.

  • 47.3 Million users and its just the beginning.

OpenDoor -

  • Stock price increase after their main competitor of operating a platform for buying and selling house "Zillow" announced they will discontinue with their platform.

  • Q3 that went above expectations.

  • Opendoor purchased 15,181 homes and sold 5,988 homes in the third quarter, according to the company’s shareholder letter—up 79% and 72%, respectively.

HypeIndex Machine is the first AI tool to scrape the internet for investment trends,

Be sure that our machine will track all stocks for you to let you know where there is Hype and will scrape all sources so you will be the first one to know.

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