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Inflation is at a record of 30 Years November, which stocks sector will benefit from it?

Hint - This Sector is far bigger, in fact 10 times bigger than all tech companies combined!

HypeIndex is the first machine learning platform to detect Hype before it moves the market.

Recently we can see at HypeIndex the decrease in Hype in Tech stocks sector and the rising of Hype in different sectors, that can be explained with the rise of the inflation rate.

US inflation hits 31 years high, as consumer prices jump by 6.2%.

Inflation matters and Investors are rather to allocate their funds into sectors that can actually benefit from such inflation. Seems like what worked for investors in 2020, won't work this time.

For Example Zoom, which skyrocketed after Covid-19 was discovered, in March 2020 in over 100%. didn't have the same results now with the " same kind of news" of the Omicron variant. It actually collapsed by 22% in November.

Many of the "stay at home" stocks that benefited from Covid-19 Lockdown are really struggling today with a decrease of 30%-50%. While they were on the rise exactly a year ago. It doesn't mean that

for the long term this companies won't be profitable, and that there is no money to be made, its just mean that it will be made somewhere else.

So clearly investors are looking for some other investments, probably ones with less risk and inflation protection. and when the tech stocks are suffering and even companies that were bulletproof are getting hit, it's time to look for another sector that will carry the market and can create potentially amazing outcomes.

HypeIndex was developed exactly for that, to scrape the internet and to look for the market trends and industries that will now lead the market. and then we find the best in breed.

For the last decade many of the top industries have been in Tech.

But this we believe are going to change, Its always a cliché but History is repeating it self,

Which sector was on the rise while the Tech sector was smashed in the 2001 Dot coin bust ?

Investors who predicted that e-commerce will be on a rise because of lockdown made a fortune, companies like Amazon was up 42%, Etsy was up 140% and wayfair was up 758%

in 90 days!!!

While Big E-commerce companies showed nice gains, investors made much bigger gains in much less known stocks.

These "Hidden winners" are HypeIndex specialties. If you want to make such great gains, you should look for the less known stocks and not for the market leader. They are not easy to uncover. but when you uncover them, it can drive some truly impressive gains.

We were also witnessing the rise of cloud computing stocks, " Working from home companies" that made a lot of gains because of the world lockdowns as the need for cloud computing spiked.

Companies like Oracle were up 33% But the hidden winner was much less a big company, Datadog that rose 232%.

So from Ecommerce to cloud computing, even if you had bought the big known names you would have done just fine, But the real money was made by following HypeIndex and its Hidden Winners.

HypeIndex algorithm uncovered the stocks that you may have never heard of, or even didn't know that you don't know about, HypeIndex can track all listings available for you in real time to uncover these Hidden winners for you that can drive massive out performance.

So What Sector will be the next sector to invest in?

2022 will be the year of Real Estate- A market estimate of $52 Trillion USD.

Real estate is a popular choice not only because rising prices increase the resale value of the property over time, but because real estate can also be used to generate rental income. Just as the value of the property rises with inflation, the amount tenants pay in rent can increase over time.

Actually we are witnessing an increase in rent at the fastest rate in 20 years.

The other thing that makes this sector avoid the downside of inflation is fixed costs mortgages, while again driving rents higher. enabling them to benefit from greater spreads as prices rise and finally real estate value increases over time.

These increases let the owner generate income through an investment property and helps them keep pace with the general rise in prices across the economy. Real estate investment includes direct ownership of property and indirect investment in securities, like a real estate investment trust (REIT).

What is REIT?

A real estate investment trust is a unique type of company that invests in real estate and related assets.

a company needs to meet some strict criteria to qualify as a REIT:

  • REITs must distribute at least 90% of their taxable income to shareholders. This is the most well-known characteristic of REITs and why they generally pay above-average dividend yields. Most REITs choose to pay out all their taxable income.

  • REITs must invest at least three-fourths of their investable assets in real estate or related investments.

  • REITs must derive at least three-fourths of their income from these investments.

HypeIndex's goal is to find for you the hidden winners of the Real estate stocks.

The Wayfare of e-commerce or the Datadog of cloud computing. These stocks are with the most gains potential and usually where the big money is. Sign to our early access today

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