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Learning how to use a new platform can be tricky. You need to get your head around all the different features and terminology. So, to help ensure HypeIndex users have a great experience we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

HypeIndex Company Information

What is Hype Index?

Hype Index is an innovative platform designed to help traders predict the market by measuring buyer sentiment before it’s priced into the market. This allows you to open a position ahead of the curve. As any trader knows, the faster you move the more profit you can generate.

How do I Join

Hype Index is currently an invite-only closed beta. However, if you want access to the platform before everybody else, you can enter your email on our homepage. Following this, you'll receive an invite to use the platform once spaces become available.  

What are the Differences Between Membership

We have four different membership tiers: Free, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise. Our Free plan grants access to basic features like the dashboard and the asset of the day. The Gold plan comes equipped with everything from the previous tier, along with 10 alerts per month and up to 10 asset choices, typically this plan is best suited to beginners. The Platinum plan comes with unlimited alerts and up to 70 asset selections, we recommend this plan for advanced traders. And lastly, our Enterprise plan provides access to the Hype Index API, as such, this is generally recommended for institutions.

Can I have access to the HypeIndex API?

Yes! If you’re a trading institution and want access to our API you can purchase our enterprise plan. This will give you full access to the Hype Index API, allowing you to implement it in any way you see fit. 

How do you Find
a Hyped Stock/Crypto?

We use a proprietary blend of AI, sentiment analysis, and machine learning algorithms to scour the web and determine which assets have increased in hype. Our system is constantly learning and developing, allowing it to better identify hyped assets. Furthermore, to ensure all of the information is fresh, our list of hype stocks and cryptocurrencies is updated every 4 hours.

How can this
Information Help Me?

You can use our list of hype leaders to get a better idea of which assets are trending. In turn, enabling you to identify trends and assets with tons of potential before anyone else.

What is the Hyped Asset
of the Day?

 Each day we create a write-up of the most hyped stock/cryptocurrency, ensuring that even on your most busy days, you can keep up with the market. 

Does Hype Correlate
with Price?

 Every financial market is driven in large part by buyer sentiment. Due to this, you can predict which way an asset will move by measuring the mentions of a trending stock or cryptocurrency.

Will I be Notified if a Stock/Crypto Becomes Hyped?

All of our premium plans come with automatic alerts. You can select a stock or cryptocurrency you’re interested in and once it becomes hyped, you’ll receive an alert. 

How It All Started

HypeIndex began like many startups do: Avner Roash, the co-founder, found himself in search of a tool to assist with his investments. With the overwhelming amount of data streams available, he needed a solution that would save him time by providing alerts.

Avner has been an active investor since 2017, rapidly growing his crypto and stock portfolio. Recognizing the value in analyzing web hype, he sought a tool that would notify him of rising stocks or coins flying under the radar.

Armed with entrepreneurial experience, Avner approached Dor Kelman, an experienced CTO within Israel's startup community.

Dor, whose last co-founded startup raised over 8 million USD, quickly got on board. Within 1-2 months, Dor developed a web scraper to test the assumption that there's a clear correlation between hype and price. Partnering with a data science team, we chose the statistical model and strategy.

The results were astonishing. In 2021, our strategy yielded a 217% return, while the S&P 500 generated a 24% ROI.

In 2022, HypeIndex launched its first funding round, raising 350K USD from angel investors in just 3 weeks.

By 2023, HypeIndex was selected to participate in the Google startup program, receiving 200K USD in Google credits.

Founding Team

Avner Roash (Co-Founder, CEO) – Avner is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a knack for bringing ideas to reality and creating innovative solutions to problems. His last company grew into a multimillion-dollar enterprise within a few years, boasting an eight-figure annual turnover. Passionate about automation and processes, Avner is married with two children and a dog.

Linkedin Profile

Dor Kelman (Co-Founder, CTO) – Dor is passionate about coding and building new technologies. With a successful track record as a CTO, he excels in developing technology products. His biggest hobbies include painting and traveling with his wife and two dogs.

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Where Are We Going

Our vision is to scrape a critical mass of data streams related to stocks and crypto across all channels, including news, social media, and reports, to generate valuable insights for smarter investments. We plan to expand to all exchanges and scrape media in multiple languages.


  • UI/UX Improvements - Ongoing

  • New Filter Segments - Ongoing

  • Email Alerts - Ongoing

  • New Scrapers - Ongoing

  • Buy/Sell Indicator for Every Stock - Coming Soon

  • Dark Mode - Coming Soon

  • New Exchanges - Coming Soon

  • Mobile App - To Be Determined

Link to our Documentation 

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